Massage Collar Treatment

Featuring five per-programmed massage courses, this electric massager is designed to relieve tension through the use of heated power drum massage. This massager is intended for use on the shoulders and body and has ten adjustable intensity levels.



  1. 10+1 modes, 1 new stronger mode used, can reach 20 kinds of massage functions, Relax the neck and shoulder, relieve muscular fatigue, enjoy comfortable life!
  2. Heating function, heating therapy can hasten the blood circulation in neck & shoulder, can relieve fatigue, burn extra fatness, and keep the body strong and slim
  3. High quality limiting temperature and safe electric appliance can make sure the products used safe and reliable.
  4. You can choose massage left or right shoulder separately, it's useful for the muscular fatigue or pain caused by stiff neck or other illness.
  5. Have built-in sandbag, not only increase the weight, but also enables the massage powerfully, you can feel the slightly vibration.
  6. Digital display.
  7. Tapping massage for effective relief of neck, shoulder, and thigh aches.
  8. 20 massage programs with 10 intensity levels. Circuit protection, built-in auto timer of 8 minutes.


  1. Ease the neck and shoulder ache caused by stiff neck
  2. Remit the depression and tight muscle result from tension
  3. Alleviate the physical fatigue caused by fierce exercise and relax muscles
  4. Ease the perennial pain caused by poor blood circulation