The correct headache diagnosis is needed to begin an effective treatment plan. The most important aspect of the headache evaluation is the headache history, which is obtained from the patient. It is important for you to describe your headache symptoms and characteristics to your doctor as completely as possible so the headache can be properly diagnosed and successfully treated. Your headache can be more accurately diagnosed by knowing:

  • When the headache started
  • How long you have had the headache
  • Whether there is a single type of headache or multiple types of headaches
  • How often the headache occurs
  • What causes the headache, if known (for example, do certain situations, foods, or medications usually trigger the headache?)
  • If physical activity aggravates the headache pain
  • What events are associated with the headache
  • Who else in your family has headaches
  • What symptoms, if any, occur between headaches